Smarter use of our natural capital

    Can we be smarter with the use of our ’natural capital', finding better ways to conserve the air, water, soil and environment we live in? Yes, say many companies. These are companies that lead the way in sustainability or conscious use of natural resources. These leaders have been given the name ‘Natural Captains’.

    Sharing Knowledge

    At Natural Captains we developed a digital environment: NatCap.

    This environment is a place where Natural Captains can unlock and share knowledge about the preservation of natural capital. NatCap is a welcome addition to the small-scale meetings of Natural Captains. From this digital platform concepts can grow more efficiently. Mattmo developed the positioning for NatCaps and built their digital environment, along with creating their, visual identity.

    Result Oriented

    Encouraging results in: reputation, reduction and efficiency

    The main focus is the environment, in combination with the accountability of companies. This involves improving reputation, reducing impacts on our natural capital and, ultimately, to increase awareness and efficiency. Starting with our first step which is reputation. As more companies are built on the sustainable use of natural capital, it will become easier to reduce impact on our resources. As the concepts of transparency and waste reduction become more institutionalized, it will also become easier to achieve results in terms of efficiency.

    Unlocking knowledge

    Linking knowledge and network

    Another important objective is to provide the knowledge and networks to unlock development. Knowledge can be collected and shared between companies through the NatCap network. Creating a way for affiliated companies to find each other more easily. 


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