The Bicycle Coalition

    The Challenge

    Originating in the Amsterdam metropolitan area, the Fietscoalitie works to stimulate the growth of cycling as the main mode of transportation and commuting across the Netherlands.

    Focusing support on the use of bicycles in urban areas and to bring awareness to the public and businesses on the benefits of commuting by bike. The Fietscoalitie is also the umbrella organisation that other like minded campaigns can partner with to create a stronger message. Our challenge was how to connect all the various organizations together to make this initiative a success. Mattmo was asked to create the brand identity, positioning, visual identity, title, brand manual and current campaign strategy for the Fietscoalitie.


    The Solution

    The ambition of the Fietscoalitie is to allow more municipalities, regions and employers take advantage of their services.

    Mattmo furthered this goal by creating a recognizable logo and brand identity to unify the Fietscoalitie’s image. We created the brands typography, colour palette, photography and marketing in a way that is easy to integrate with partners and initiatives associated with the Fietscoalitie. Mattmo also created a strong and versatile solo campaign that can be used to target certain demographics, such as parents riding with children, the elderly, or athletes depending on the images used. The tagline created: Outside, Just … (Buiten, Gewoon ….) can also be custom tailored to certain groups by changing the last word.


    The Result

    The goal of the Fietscoalitie’s campaign is to get 2,000 more people commuting on a bike and to support and grow the current community.

    To reach this target, local government, businesses and of course the commuters themselves are all involved. With their strong campaign concept and visual identity created by Mattmo, the Fietscoalitie is on their way to meeting their goal and spreading the benefits of biking all across the country.

    The Fietscoalitie is a collaboration between the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Port of Amsterdam, TNO, Bright Up, Count & Create, Ring-Ring and the municipalities Zaanstad and Amsterdam.


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