A brand new seafood brand

    North Sea Food Adventure

    Behind BISQ are three kite surfing men with a hotel school as background. The North Sea is familiar territory for all Dutch people, but there is still much to discover.

    That's why they call BISQ themselves a North Sea Food Adventure, an exploration of new flavours, beautiful nature and wonderful products. Stubborn as they are, they look for great recipes in which by-catch (fish that was not intented to be caught, but in the nets anyway), forgotten fish and other goodies from the North Sea play a major role. Inspired by countries with a rich, local seafood culture, such as Spain, Portugal and Japan.

    Non-nonsense and gutsy

    A no-nonsense brand with the guts to do things differently; because what is sourced close is tasty and better for our planet.

    A voyage of discovery into new flavours, beautiful nature and wonderful products. In this way they make optimum use of what the sea offers us. No food wasted!

    Mattmo created the visual identity for this inspiring food startup; a unique design that stands out on the shelf.


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