International Ocean Foundation


    Stopping excess fishing.

    Fishing can be easily reduced by 25%. How? For instance by opting no longer for fish oil or fish meal, but for vegetarian alternatives made of algae.

    This way, the International Ocean Foundation wants to make all the oceans in the world healthy. The International Ocean Foundation is a volunteer organisation, founded by Wellness Innovations and strategic concept, communication and design agency Mattmo Creative. Together with like-minded partners and a team of enthusiastic, committed volunteers from various countries, they are fighting excess fishing. People who realize things can be done differently. Participate and go to


    The first campaign of the organization is the ‘For Our Love of Life’ challenge. In this campaign, the organization helps producers of Omega-3 algae oil to promote their products to the target group that can really make the difference: the consumers.

    Using the sales from the ‘For Our Love of Life’ campaign 10% of each product sold will go towards campaigns and new organization awareness. The organization will keep working on achieving its goal, stopping unnecessary excess fishing, by recruiting new partners and participants.


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