Dutch & Delicious

    Mattmo collaborating with Albron created the Dutch Cuisine campaign, ‘Dutch & Delicious.’

    The goal was to bring more local food awareness to Albron’s chefs by incorporating fresh seasonal ingredients into their dishes. This was done by working with Dutch Cuisine chefs, Marco Poldervaart, Christian Weij and Bas Cloo, who hosted workshops for Albron’s The menu for the workshops consisted of dishes prepared according to the philosophy of Dutch Cuisine who believe that meals should be created with what is naturally available, focusing on reducing meat consumption and incorporating sustainable ingredients,that are in sync with the seasons.

    The challenge came with how to connect the dishes selected to a very diverse consumer base. Mattmo created the concept for Dutch & Delicious with this in mind. Developing an intriguing and appealing campaign embracing a wide range of customers and revealing what healthy, sustainable Dutch cooking can be.

    The solution

    Across Albron’s participating restaurants, Dutch Cuisine’s custom dishes were served for the two week campaign. Before the launch we organized workshops for all the chefs involved to learn together.

    Mattmo, as Dutch Cuisines communication partner developed the concept, visual design and marketing. Beyond the concept and logistics, we designed recipe cards, A4 posters, plaques, and cardboard columns with stories, inspiration and recipes about Dutch Cuisine and the dishes being prepared to display throughout the restaurants. This explained how the dishes were inspired, what they contained and how local and fresh ingredients were incorporated.

    A culinary contest was also run to engage participants. They were asked to send in a recipe or take a picture of their cooking. The grand prize was a dinner for 2 at one of the host chef’s restaurants Marco Poldervaart and 20 more winners received the cook book ‘Verrot lekker’ by Christian Weij.

    The result

    During the 2 week campaign, Dutch & Delicious reached 400 company restaurants and around 100,000 guests.

    Albron’s company restaurants were entirely devoted to ‘Dutch & Delicious.’ With the guests enjoying all the goodness that Dutch Cuisine offers. Chefs Marco Poldervaart, Christian Weij and Bas Cloo were proud to share their knowledge and work together with Albron to expose their chefs and customers to Dutch Cuisine’s way of working and eating.



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