Theo Immers

    Personal branding

    Trainer and coach: The man of factor two

    Theo Immers guarantees that with his ACP (Advanced Communication Program) training, your business can double its commercial results. Only when this is achieved is a training considered successful.

    Theo Immers has a deep understanding of human motives and behaviour. As a trainer and coach he brings peoples talent to the surface, optimizing their abilities. Theo Immers came to Mattmo to better develop his image as a (personal) brand. We created for him a brand identity, positioning, visual identity and brand manual for his expanding company.


    The Solution

    While Theo Immers has created a solid business in his market, a cohesive brand identity, positing strategy, visual identity, brand manual and communications plan were needed to market his business and services.

    For this, the image was crucial, we designed a new logo, images, typography, color palate, photography, website design, product site, news letter template, business cards and stationary. Theo Immers is the company, therefore a unique portrait / illustration was created of him to represent the business using hand made dots by an artist. With a professional image to showcase his companies abilities, Theo Immers and his team can now focus on their trainings and programs.


    A unified image

    Many of the elements created for Theo Immers come together in the website.

    Unifying all the training’s and programs available we defined the company and brand structure for: Mind Challenge, Commercial Skills Training and Advanced Communication Program were color coded to highlight each service available. Coupled with a strong brand identity, brand manual for coherence and logo, Theo Immers has all the tools needed to grow his business and and help others reach their potential.



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