Veluwse poort

    Simon Stevin area development

    A military past

    The former military barracks of Ede has a new name: The Veluwe Poort.

    Adjacent to the Veluwe is The Veluwe Poort. Large, old trees make the new homes a very green environment. A beautiful area to live where some of the historic barracks are being restored. One of the old barracks has named the area: the Simon Stevin barracks. Simon Stevin is a new district in the Veluwe Poort. Simon Stevin is a strong development that brings with it a historic past and DNA. These strong characteristics match those of Ede with a its military heritage and a healthy ecological environment. Commissioned in cooperation with MASC Vastgoedcommunicatie we developed the area concept and the visual identity. MASC is a real estate communications specialist agency with which Mattmo has built a long-term collaboration with.


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