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    Mondriaan is widely seen as a pioneer in abstract and non-figurative art.

    Mattmo developed for the GemeenteMuseum in The Hague a portal based website for their Mondriaan collection. This design has also been developed for the Delftware and Asian Ceramics collections (in collaboration with the Rijksmuseum). The website is part of a larger concept to involve the public in art and culture. This is accomplished by showing the context surrounding the art of Piet Mondriaan through his women, letters, photographs and special music collection.

  • Abstract art for the general public is not always easily interpreted. By explaining the context and period that pieces were created in, you can get a better understanding of the artist’s vision, methods and work. Such as the fact that Mondriaan lived in Paris, London and New York and was a real womanizer with many of his acquaintances. There is even a quartet (card game) printed by the museum of his women. This gives a different insight on the artist Piet Mondriaan. The Gemeente Museum has the largest collection of Mondriaan paintings in the world with 300 pieces. Mondriaan’s art is perfectly suited for presenting to a broad audience the development of modern art, from figurative to abstract.

    Holland has three great painters, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Mondrian.

    Katherine Dreier, catalogus Société Anonyme, Brooklyn Museum, New York, 1926


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