Youth Food Movement

    Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)


    In a film series of seven episodes, Samuel Levie meets young farmers who will face the consequences of the renewed CAP (common agricultural policy).

    Mattmo explains in these films who these farmers are. Why should this generation have an interest in becoming a farmer? In what way does the renewed CAP offer solutions for current problems? And how do we all face the effects of a new CAP? In personal portraits the dreams, expectations and desires regarding a new CAP are shown through these farmers’ stories. 


    Mattmo produced seven short movies where young farmers talk about the future of food.

    The films focus on subjects such as food safety, food security, animal welfare and socialization. Through these films Mattmo informed the Dutch public about CAP and it’s policies. 


    The result of this project is an informative film about CAP.

    Film is a medium that can carry a message in a direct way. The Netherlands receives 6 billion from the European Union’s CAP each year. This means, we as a country are heavily dependent on this fund. Changes in the policy are thus of vital importance to our country. Through the film series the Dutch public can learn more about the ideas and visions of our very own farmers.



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