Sandwich Culture

    In France you have the Baguette, in Suriname the Broodje Bakkeljauw, and in New York the Hot Dog.

    Wereldbroodjes book brings all of these great recipes together and celebrates the diversity of sandwiches from cultures around the world.

    Mascha Lammes collected fifty of the most delicious recipes to share in her book. Mattmo as creative director created the concept and design of the book, along with directing photography.


    The Solution

    Mattmo choose to shoot each photo spread the same, switching out the various sandwiches for each recipe.

    With such a variation in the sandwiches keeping the photography consistent brought continuity to the layout and a recognisable feel for the book. Some sandwiches are a meal in themselves, other are suitable for summer picnics or snacks in bed. Mattmo created the concept and design so that you can easily flip through the pages and choose a recipe that suits your mood.


  • The Result

    Everyone has eaten a sandwich.

    Wereldbroodjes is a tasty source of inspiration for all those who want to explore something new. Bringing you the most delicious creations from around the world.



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