Pieter van Meel

    Visual identity

    From poulterer to top wholesaler

    Pieter van Meel grew up in the polder north of Amsterdam, between the poultering companies. Here he playfully learned the 'trade' and how to hunt for hares and wild duck.

    He followed his passion and started his own poultry shop in the Amsterdam Bijlmer area. Pieter expanded his range ever further, became well known amongst catering cooks and restaurateurs, moved to the Food Center Amsterdam and grew into a highly regarded top wholesaler for the catering industry. Through agreements with managers of parks such as the Crown domain ‘het Loo’, Van Meel is assured of top quality game. Van Meel controls the complete chain from hunting, logistics and slaughter to final product.

    New generation, new visual identity

    Van Meel is no longer the poulterer company of the past. In the meantime, Pieter's sons Thomas, Wijnand and Maurits have taken charge.

    The company has evolved with the new generation. New markets are explored and new concepts developed, such as a home delivery service. This was one of the reasons for the brothers to examine the positioning together with Mattmo. Based on the newly developed positioning, a corporate identity has been designed: a new visual identity with respect for the past of this beautiful, artisanal company. New resources are being developed step by step from this solid new foundation. The new visual identity has already been applied to their packaging, company clothing and their delivery vehicles.


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