Caribbean streetfood


    A specialty from Curaçao

    Cheena has her roots in Curaçao. Her pastries consisting of a tasteful filling wrapped in dough, the traditional Pastechi (pasties), are delicious, She only uses fresh ingredients and cooks everything from raw, the dough is light and flaky, and full of flavour. Cheena is a food startup who, following her career at Jumbo, takes the next step as an entrepreneur. Mattmo likes to support food startups that increase the diversity in the Dutch food landscape. 

    The filling for the Pastechis is cooked slowly and the dough is mixed in small portions, the emphasis on quality, freshness and flavour comes up with every step, and you can taste it!

    Jolly Pastechi are delicious as a snack or as a meal. They are easy to prepare, you can eat them "on the go" or socialize with the family at the table.


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