Dura Vermeer

    Campaign ‘Here is the Future’

    The challenge

    Everyone talks about the challenge the Dutch real estate development and construction business is facing: building sustainable housing without gas – the traditional Dutch energy source.

    Dura Vermeer wants to show that they have already developed and built 4 generations of sustainable residential areas that contribute to the happiness of the residents. The most sustainable residential area in the Netherlands, RijswijkBuiten showcases this, together with Tudorpark (Hoofddorp) and Nobelhorst (Almere).

    The approach

    Campaign strategy: the experiences of the residents demonstrate many families already live happily in Dura Vermeer’s sustainable energy-neutral homes; large-scale gasless and sustainable construction is already a fact.

    The campaign is being rolled out broadly: online, with films, interviews, social media, a brochure and a ‘roadmap gasless building’ for municipalities. One of the highlights in the campaign is Dura Vermeer’s event at the Provada with an eye-catching stand and rich multimedia program. (Provada is the biggest real estate exhibition in the Netherlands.)


  • The impact

    Dura Vermeer shows they are the experienced partner in sustainable real estate development and construction of gasless large-scale residential areas.

    With their experience in 4 generations of sustainable construction, they can contribute to the task that many municipalities stand for: developing and realizing gas-free and energy-neutral residential areas that contribute to the happiness of the residents. They put this into practice by sharing knowledge with, e.g. municipalities with their ‘roadmap gasless building’.

    Not in the future, but now: Dura Vermeer has been doing this for years. Here is the future.


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