The Gilded Tongue

    Unique food brand

    One family

    This paruplu brand consists of various products from different manufacturers who all have a unique character but are part of the gilded tongue family.

    Albert Veerman is the director of restaurant d’Vijff Vlieghen "The Five Flies" in Amsterdam. You can imagine his new food-brand as a circus where Albert is the ring leader and the products are the acrobats, clowns and performers.

    Albert started his brand with Sambal (Indonesian hot sause) whose recipe was created by Kees, a cook's mate on a cargoship.

    Kees discovered the Indonesian sambal and gave it his own twist. Thus the guild of the gilded tongue is born. Mattmo created the visual identity for the company and designed the packaging.

  • The Gilded Tongue Brings a sense of wonder and history to the products they make.

    The packaging and design is unique to each item waiting for you to discover on the shelves.


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