Food on the move in the summer

    Brandt & Levie hotdogs foodtruck

    The famous sausage brand Brandt & Levie is enriched by a hotdogs foodtruck for festivals.


    Getting the wheels rolling.

    With the growing success of their company, Brandt & Levie were looking for a new way to reach their audience and expand their business.


    The perfect marriage of food and festivals led to the idea of the food truck.

    Collaborating with Mattmo, Brandt & Levie created the Hot Dog van. Now they can travel the country spreading their love of food wherever there is a festival or event. Brandt & Levie creates custom sausages for their truck, made with the same craftsmanship and quality that they bring to all their products.

  • Result

    In their newly refurbished bus, fans across the county have warmly embraced the their mobile kitchen.

    Already having traveled to Belgium and numerous events and festivals across the Netherlands.


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