A handpicked selection of our activities

    PostNL Annual Report nominated for prestigious Henri Sijthoff award

    Beer made of potatoes.

    From Instock

    High-end foodtruck

    With 20 years of experience as a chef at Amstel hotel Richard Matulessy changes course with his brand Rich Pork.

    The new look of The Bicycle Coalition

    The Bicycle Coalition (De Fietscoalitie) is a collaboration between the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Port of Amsterdam, the municipalities Zaanstad and Amsterdam, TNO, Bright Up and Ring-Ring and aims to stimulate cycling in Amsterdam

    Annual Report PostNL 2015 published

    Instock opens restaurant in Amsterdam

    Rescuing food is nearby

    Efficiency in the world of pensions

    ABP annual report well recieved

    PostNL annual report

    Rich media & storytelling

    This year PostNL chose Mattmo Creative as their strategic and creative partner for their annual report.

    Green Deal Dutch Cuisine

    On World Expo Milan

    Baambrugs Big

    The best pig has arrived

    Foodfestival season has started

    Summer in the city

    Four foodtrucks we designed are travelling throught the country.

    De Domijnen is the new cultural organisation

    In the South of Limburg.

    Created in China

    Our adventure in a reinvented country

    For ten years we had an office in Shanghai, China. Starting with a culture scan in 2004 out of curiosity we can now look back to a decade of doing business in China. It brought us a lot.

    King Willem-Alexander launches Ambition 2020 platform

    Mattmo created this online platform commissioned by MVO Nederland

    Promoting Dutch arts and culture in one brand

    Arts Holland

    Abstract art pioneer Piet Mondrian website online

    GemeenteMuseum The Hague

    Innovative and sustainable solutions

    Creative City Lab

    How can we develop innovative and sustainable solutions in active collaboration with the creative industry, business and (local) government?

    Educational accreditation

    Monique Mulder is elected as member of the accreditation commission for art academy Maastricht

    Creative Ecologies, where thinking is a proper job

    John Howkins

    We first met John during the first edition of the Creative Company Conference. John is author of ‘The Creative Economy’, it was the first account of the new economy, describing the new ways of working that are revitalizing culture, manufacturing, service, retailing and entertainment industries and affecting where people want to live, work, learn – and invent, create and produce. John’s new pet subject is called Creative Ecology, and at our request he has contributed a short piece about it.


    Culture scan

    We like to explore boundaries, so we travel a lot to interesting places where culture is in transition. Places like, Shanghai, Istanbul, Barcelona, Helsinki, but also Accra and Capetown.

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